1" Non - Porous Midsize Roller Coders

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Non-Indexing, Non-Porous Midsize Roller Coders

Printing the same information on your cartons but need an alternative solutions to the expensive ink jet systems?

Universal's Non-Indexing, Non-Porous Midsize Coders were designed with many unique features to provide the ultimate in versatility. Interchangeable print drums are available in both 12 inch & 15 inch circumference sizes and can be field converted in a matter of minutes. Print registration on indexing models can be adjusted by loosening the Print Drum retaining knob and rotating the drum to a new index position. Inking system position adjusting eccentric provides precise control over the anilox roll/die face contact pressure. The print drum cam index mechanism features a guide shaft mounted compression spring for durability. Replaceable delrin guides and a ball bearing cam follower provide smooth, reliable indexing action even on slow moving conveyors. The long frame length and extended deflection capabilities of this coder enable in-line coding of large metal or plastic drums right on the conveyor line.

The list below contains the different Non-Indexing, Non-Porous Midsize Coders:

Model - Print Area - Configuration - Item Number
MS-120NI-NPRT - (1 inch x 12 inch) - Right Hand Top Mount - 108M-MS120NINPRT
MS-120NI-NPLT - (1 inch x 12 inch) - Left Hand Top Mount - 108M-MS120NINPLT
MS-120NI-NPRS - (1 inch x 12 inch) - Right Hand Side Mount - 108M-MS120NINPRS
MS-120NI-NPLS - (1 inch x 12 inch) - Left Hand Side Mount - 108M-MS120NINPLS

When ordering please advise if you need left or right hand, top or side.

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