AIE - 13 inch I-Bar Shrink Wrap System

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AIE - 13 Inch I-Bar Shrink Wrap System

Professionally shrink wrap packages for just pennies per package. Simple three step operation. Enhance the appearance and value of your product, by protecting it against pilfering, dirt, dust, moisture and handling. Sturdy industrial quality. System includes: Bar Sealer (13, 18, 24 or 32 Inch lengths), Timer, Powerful Heat Gun and Holder, Film Rack, outlet plug and parts kit.

Pick the style that best fits your needs. For smaller applications, the I-Bar works well. If quantities are larger, we recommend the L-Bar sealer for faster processing. We also recommend the heat gun (pictured with I-Bar System) model AIE-HGI with the L-Bar sealers on small numbers, or the Shrink Tunnel for larger quantities.

Model: AIE-2013I
Max. Seal Length: 13 inches
Max. Circum: 20 Inch
Volts: 115V
Watts: 50W
Weight: 30lbs
500 FT. Roll of center fold 75 gauge shrink film included.

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