AIE-300FL 12 inch Foot Impulse Sealer

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Part Number: 115M-300FL
The AIE-300FL 12" Foot Impulse Sealer.

Time and temperature is adjustable for different types of plastic bags. Available in both standard and heavy duty models.

The AIE line of heavy duty Impulse Foot Sealers (FL series), are specially manufactured to increase sealing production. Equipped with foot pedal activator, the user's hands are free to feed the machine. The Impulse Type Foot Sealers come complete with pedestal, stand, adjustable worktable and adjustable foot pedal. 2mil, 5mil and 10 mil sealing widths are also available.

A Hot stamp Printer can be added as an option to print date, times and other info onto your product. Other options available are Heavy Duty Work tables, Taller Stands and Tilt Head adjustments. All can be added to each machine for your specific needs.

Make sure to select the correct unit. We have 2mil, 5mil and 10 mil sealing widths, 12", 18", and 24" lengths, as well as single upper, single lower, and double heat bars.

Model: AIE-300FL
Max Seal Length: 12"
Max Seal Thick: 6 MIL
Seal Width: 2 mm
Watts: 400w
Weight: 55 lbs

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