AIE-405MC - 16" Impulse Arm Sealer, 5mm Seal Width with Magnet & Cutter

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Part Number: 115M-405MC

AIE405MC 16" - 5mm Impulse Arm Sealer with Magnet and Cutter

Table top thermal impulse arm sealers provide a quick, efficient, and low cost means for sealing any type of thermoplastic film. The magnet takes a lot of the guess work out of the sealing operation.

This unit offers two adjustable timers. One is for the amount of time heat is applied to the seal, and the other to set the time for the hold down magnet to allow the seal to congeal. When the magnet releases the bag is perfectly sealed. The cutter cuts off the extra unused portion of the bag.

Sealed bags allow your customers to view the product before opening it. Sealers also secure all products together from you to your customer. Your merchandise will also stay cleaner.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast
  • Completely seals the bag
  • Adjustable timers

The correct way to use an impulse sealer is to test bags using a short time cycle. Do a test seal and check. Increase the timed cycle a bit and retest until you have a good seal. Once you have a good seal make sure to keep the arm down for 2-5 seconds after the heat cycle ends to allow the seal to congeal.

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