AIE-410A1 -18" Tabletop Impulse Sealer - 10mm Seal Width

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Part Number: 115M-410A1

AIE-410A1 - 18" Automatic/Manual Electronic Table Top Impulse Sealers, 10mm Seal Width

Automatic programmable Impulse Sealers are designed for the continuous sealing of thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Controlled by electronic timers which bring down and release the Jaws when the job is done. Takes the guesswork out of sealing.

These popular models eliminate operator error in the sealing operation. Once the correct control settings have been programmed, consistent seals are maintained automatically, making the last seal as perfect as the first. The operator takes the poly bag and places it between the jaws, then presses the foot switch. The jaws clamp down on the bag and the unit heats the wire melting the two layers of poly together, then the timed congealing cycle starts. Once finished the jaws open to allow the operator to remove the sealed bag.

The automatic sealer is ideal for sealing operations in packaging candies, food, stationery, drugs, tools, replacement parts and a variety of other products. Includes an electric foot pedal for manual Operation.

All Sealer Are 110 Volts (220 Volts Units Available Upon Request)

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