AIE-B6201 - Deluxe Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer

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Part Number: 115M-6201

AIE-B6201 Duluxe Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer

Sealing lots of bags? Band sealers are easy to use and seal poly bags as fast as you can insert them into the unit. These units are fully adjustable with temperature and speed. Higher temps are needed for thicker bags and/or faster recuperation. Bags are sealed and congealed then fall off the end of the short conveyor belt. 

Continuous Automatic Band Sealer model #AIE-B6201 is ideal for sealing poly bags of most any size or length. Start bag into belts, and the machine will "carry" the bag, seal and optionally print coded messages on the bag with an embossing wheel.

If you are sealing a bag full of liquid or powder consider looking at the vertical units. This is a great unit for production runs of small bags.

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