AIE-RS1 - 5mm Constant Heat Roller Sealer

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Part Number: 115M-0RS1

AIE-RS1 Constant Heat Roller Sealers

Need to seal in patterns? Item too large for standard sealers? Have the freedom to seal at will with the Constant Heat Roller Sealer by AIE.

Seal Polyethylene or cellophane by moving the 2 1/4" diameter Teflon coated wheel along the material to be sealed. Makes seals in any configuration. Round, oval or square. A truly versatile sealer. Adjustable temperature range from 80-420 degree F. Three different models available depending upon seal width.

Note: These roller sealers are constant heat roller sealers. Being a constant heat sealer, a perfect seal without air leaking or melt through is almost impossible.

Stand included.

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