AIE-S3515 Infrared Shrink Tunnel 14" x 6"

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Part Number: 115M-S3515
Infrared Shrink Tunnel

Heating on 4 sides. 10 infrared replaceable tubes.
Adjustable speed conveyor up to 20 ft. per minute.
Separate adjustable temperature controllers for upper and lower heaters.
Casters for maneuverability.
Optional Teflon mesh conveyor belt.

Application: Food, books, toys, stationery, drugs, parts, hardware, video tape, All shrink wrap.

Available Models: AIE-S3515, S1608, S1612.

An excellent addition to I-bar & L-bar Shrink systems. 220 Volts.

Model AIE-S3515 14" x 6",  AIE-S1608 16" x 8",  AIE-S1612 16" x 12" 
Size Shrinking  
Heater 5 KW
Voltage 220V/1 Phase

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