Better Pack BP333 Plus

Better Pack BP333 Plus

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For over 40 years the BP333 has been the #1 manual tape dispenser on the market for dispensing Kraft gummed paper tapes. The BP333 utilizes the same cutting blades, one liter water bottle, and feed wheel system as the more popular BP555 electric series. This machine is deigned for lower volume that electric BP555, pushing out between 1 to 100 cartons per day/ 8hr shift. The Better Pack 333 has 15 preset tape lengths measured in inches on a dial with an easy to use pull handle to adjust to desired tape length up to 30" long on a single pull. With the addition of a heater the is warmed faster and optimizes the tapes adhesive properties (115v electricity required). 

Parts List

DWC Warranty:  Two year electronic parts, one year on labor. (Excluding wearable items like the moistening brushes, motor brushes, and shears unless proven to be defective.) Call 800-311-6167 for any service related questions

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