Better Packages BP333 with Heater
Better Packages BP333 with Heater

Better Packages - BP333 Plus with Top Heater

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Better Packages - BP333 Plus Manual Tape Dispenser with Heater

For over 55 years, the 333 has been the best manual tape machine with a heater on the market for Kraft reinforced gummed paper tapes used to securely seal cartons for shipping. Gummed Kraft reinforced tape is stronger, faster, and easier to use than any other method to close a box, carton, mailer, or manila envelopes.

The BetterPack 333 with top Heater utilizes the same cutting blades, and feed wheel system as the more popular BP555e electric series. Double moistening brushes with a top heater reactivate all the hard dry glues on tape. 

Stop wasting pennies on every carton you ship. By using multiple strips of PVC plastic tape to seal cartons, the tape costs more, plus the extra labor to apply. One strip of gummed water activated tape is all you need for a secure seal. We bet 333 delivers value.

The cost of ownership is also about the same between tape guns and a tape dispenser. The life expectancy of a tape machine is 10 years. If you replace your tape gun every three months and spend $8 per gun, the total cost is $320. And, tape machines don't disappear!

Key Benefits:  

  • Measures up to 30" single stroke; repeat strokes - longer lengths.
  • Easy handle pull.
  • Steel Construction
  • Water level control
  • Same blades, bottle, feed wheels, 2 of 3 moistening brushes as the BP555S.
  • New upgraded tape guides.
  • New urethane feed wheel for smooth performance
  • Easy access to blades for cleaning and oiling.
  • Dispense and cut 1 1/2"-3" standard 60 lb. or reinforced gummed tapes.

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