Better Packages - BP500
Better Packages - BP500

Better Packages - BP500 Gummed Tape Dispenser

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Better Pack - BP500 Gummed Tape Dispenser

Simplicity and dependability at an affordable price

How do I seal a carton for shipping and keep bugs out? What is the best way to seal a box for shipping? Gummed tape is more secure than plastic tape and creates a natural bond with the carton flaps. You only need two pieces of tape per box. One top, and one bottom, versus the multiple strips of plastic tape many use to try and keep boxes closed..  

The world's leading manufacturer of water activated tape dispensers and systems offers the Better Pack® 500. Rugged and reliable, the BP500 electric tape dispenser simplifies the process of sealing cartons with reinforced, water activated tape (WAT). The BP500 is developed in accordance with over 90 years of manufacturing and field experience to offer the strength, safety, and stability that is synonymous with all Better Packages® products.

Safe and Strong. Continuing the Tradition of Excellence.

Over the years we have heard gummed tape dispensers being called tape wetters, tape lickers, and gummed tape machines. Gummed tape is stronger, faster, and easier to use than any other method to close a box, carton, mailer, or manila envelopes. Small boxes are much easier to close with paper tape. We also have a full service and repair center for all Gummed Tape Dispensers at our home office. For more info on service, click here.


  • Multi-function Tactile Keypad*
  • Triple Brush Moistening System
  • Blade Oiler for long life guillotine cutter blades
  • Full range of length options from 4" and 6" to 90" in 3" increments.
  • Last Length Repeat Key
  • Random Key for up to 120"
  • Fully Adjustable Top Heater
  • Urethane Feed Wheel for long life.

New safety features include:

  • Regulatory Compliance meets or exceeds UL, CE and CSA standards.
  • Safety Interlock Switch disables the machine when the top cover is lifted.
  • New Blade Lifter incorporated with the movable shear for easy access.
  • Detachable Power Cord.
  • Restriction plate to prevent user access to inside movable parts.

* Select from 6"-45", a doubler (2x) key, random key, and repeat key.

Save time and money! Building boxes from the flat is fast and easy with gummed tape.


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