Better Packages - BP555eL
Better Packages - BP555eL

Better Packages - BP555eL Gummed Tape Dispenser

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Better Packages - BP555eL Tape Dispenser

If you regularly ship large cartons then the BP555eL just might be for you! 

The Better Pack ® Electronic e-model series are the best electronic machines on the market today. With color coded selective measuring lengths, and the most advanced moistening system, you are assured of a strong, safe carton closure with the minimum amount of tape.The BP555eL offers 12"-90" buttons in 6" increments with a "+" and "-" 1/2" buttons, a divide key, random key, and a repeat key to dispense gum tape to seal boxes that are larger than normal.

Environmentally friendly! In a day and age where being environmentally conscious of how your cartons and packing is disposed is huge! Knowing that your tape is not plastic and breaks down just like all paper and is easily recyclable by those who process our recyclables gives peace of mind.     

Simple and easy to use! Once a rhythm is established you can really start cranking out your carton sealing procedure to get them out the door and to your customer in a strong, durable and neat appearance. 

Key Benefits:

  • Faster carton sealing
  • Less tape per box compared to plastic tape. Better for the environment.
  • Triple brush moistening
  • 24v Top heater
  • Random Length Key up to 120"
  • Fully Electronic Operation
  • Meets or Exceeds FCC, UL, CE and CSA (CUL) Regulatory Requirements
  • Self cleaning cutting shears

Improve your speed, efficiency, placement and performance with the available optional equipment: 

  • CodeTapers: - For printing as tape is dispensed
  • Tape Aerial: - For Speed/Placement
  • Foot Pedal: - Efficiency/Hands Free 


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