Better Packages - BP555eSA
Better Packages - BP555eSA

Better Packages - BP555eSA Automatic Gummed Tape Dispenser

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Better Packages - BP555eSA Tape Dispenser

If you have a high speed shipping operation, then the BP555eSA is your new best friend! 

The Better Pack ® Electronic e-model series are the best electronic machines on the market today. With color coded selective measuring lengths, and the most advanced moistening system, you are assured of a strong, safe carton closure with the minimum amount of tape.The BP555eSA offers 6"-45" buttons in 3" increments with a "+" and "-" 1/2" buttons, a doubler key, two repeat keys, a random key, a "+" and "-" 1 cm keys, and an "A" key.  The A key allows the operator to program from 1 to 3 lengths to dispense consecutively with the operator taking one piece and the next one dispenses in sequence. This feature is great for automatically dispensing an H-seal.

This product is environmentally friendly! We are living in a day and age where it's crucial to be environmentally conscious of the proper disposal of cartons and packaging. You will have peace of mind knowing that your tape is paper-based, as opposed to plastic-based, and is easily recyclable.

The “A” represents an Automatic Tape Advance feature, which means that once a piece of tape is removed from the dispenser, another automatically advances.  The Better Pack 555eLA has the highest level of automation available from the Better Pack dispenser family. A microprocessor based control system can be interfaced with PC’s, printers, shipping systems, and foot pedals for the ultimate carton sealing solution.

Simple and easy to use! Once a rhythm is established you can really start cranking out your carton sealing procedure to get them out the door and to your customer in a strong, durable and neat appearance. 

The BP555eSA will be ideal in operations that:

  • Are fast-paced and shipping high volumes
  • Pack and seal more than 100 cartons per day/per 8hr shift
  • Seal large cartons that require long lengths of tape
  • Need to utilize the Automatic Tape Advance feature to achieve the highest level of efficiency
  • Have computer interface capabilities for enhanced productivity and control

Improve your speed, efficiency, placement and performance with the available optional equipment: 

  • CodeTapers: - For printing as tape is dispensed
  • Tape Aerial: - For Speed/Placement
  • Foot Pedal: - Efficiency/Hands Free 

Key Benefits:

  • Triple Brush Moistening
  • 24v Adjustable Top heater
  • Random Length Button up to 120"
  • Fully Electronic Operation
  • Meets or Exceeds FCC, UL, CE and CSA (CUL) Regulatory Requirements
  • Largest tape capacity in the industry holding tape rolls up to 1000'.
  • Up to 15 years (average) of reliable dependable operation.
  • Cost effective - using just one strip of water-activated tape needed for a safe secure and reliable seal.
  • Easy to use color coded electronic key pad.
  • Top heater - For quick, strong application.
  • 64oz water bottle for fewer refills & less downtime.

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