Bottle-matic - 10" Label Applicator

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Bottlematic 10 Single Sided Label Applicator

Spice jars, jam jars, sauce bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles, cans, cylinders made of plastic, Boston type containers, metal or glass can be easily labeled.

How do you get all your containers to look great on the shelf? How do you get all the labels straight and at the same height on the bottle? With the Bottle-Matic!

The Bottle-Matic 10 is the perfect machine for labeling your cylindrical containers! Our machines will wrap your beer and wine bottles, cans, tubes, and jelly jars! Label objects from .5" to 6" diameter (some items bigger but testing required). If your can or bottle has ridges, we can customize the rollers. It's simple - just send us your container and a roll of labels, and we'll do the rest.

Made in USA

Dispensa-matic Bottle-Matic Warranty: Limited 3 Full Years on parts and labor!

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