Bottle-matic II -10" Front/Back Label Applicator

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Dispensamatic Bottle-Matic 10-II

Dispensa-matic Bottle-Matic Warranty: Limited 3 Full Years on parts and labor!

Applying front and back labels to round products just got easier!

The Bottle-Matic 10-II is the perfect machine for labeling the front and back of your cylindrical containers. Our machines will wrap your bottles, cans, tubes, and jars. Label objects from .5" to 6" diameter (some larger containers may work, but testing is required) with labels up to 9 inches wide)

This unit is great for short runs on wines, beers, jellies, sauces, and spice containers.

If your can or bottle has ridges, we will have to customize the rollers so that the product lays flat on it's side against the roller. It's simple - just send us your container and roll of labels, we'll get you hooked up. 

Call 800-311-6167 to get in touch with a sales representative today.

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