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Cyklop SAE-75 Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser

Cyklop SAE-75 Pressure Sensitive Tape Dispenser

Your Price: $995.00
Part Number:434M-SAE-75
Zucchelli introduces the new SAE-75 tape dispenser for a wide range of pressure sensitive tapes up to 3" widths.

Powerful, easy to use, simple to feed tape. The SAE-75 replaces the Babymatic. This dispenser offers an extra heavy duty motor for tough applications and feed rollers that will dispense virtually all self-adhesive tapes.

This unit dispenses tapes from .6" up to 3" widths at the rate of 12" per second. The dial setting will offer pre-measured lengths of 2" up to 51" with rolls of tape up to 7 1/2" diameter. The picture makes the unit look big, however the overall footprint is slightly larger then the M1000.

Key Benefits

  • Small, Compact, Heavy Duty
  • Easy to use
  • It works with tapes from 15 to 75mm (0.6 to 3”)
  • DC running and DC control circuits – 24 V
  • Sturdy design for industrial applications
  • With repeater


  • Electrical power: 115v, 60 hz
  • Types of Pressure Sensitive Tape: PVC, polypropylene, reinforced, biadhesive, etc.
  • Sound level: Less than 70 dB(A) plus "tape release from roll" noise
  • Width: min. 15mm./max. 75 mm.
  • Length: min. 50 mm./max. 1300 mm. (2"-50")
  • Dispensing Speed: 18 m./minute (12")
  • Dimensions of machine: 155x270x205 mm.
  • Weight: 6 Kg. or 13.2 pounds

The SAE-75 offered a random key, a dial setting for one set length, and a repeat key.

The best way to determine the best machine for dispensing your tape is to send us a sample end roll of tape and the spec for dispensing. Include information regarding the number of pieces per minute and if you require automatic dispensing.

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