Dispensa-Matic U-45 Photo Eye

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Automatic Label Dispenser - Dispensamatic U45 Photo Eye

"PICK & STICK" and PICK up the SPEED! 5X faster than manually holding the roll.

Are you currently taking a roll of labels, finding the next label, hand peeling it off the roll, then applying it? Do you need to find out how to apply labels faster? The Dispensamatic U45 is a simple solution to peel and stick labeling. A virtual work horse solution for labels up to 4 1/2" wide and unlimited length. It operates with an optical photo eye for fast "Pick and Stick" labeling. If you are using smaller stickers your operators can work even faster by taking 3-4 labels at a time. Pick, Pick, Pick, Stick, Stick, Stick. One label on each finger.

Easy to maintain, simple to use, and low cost to boot. Both the photo eye and microswitch models accept roll stock or fan folded label stock.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates hand peeling of labels
  • Take one, get one operation
  • Lowest cost electric dispenser

American Made
Made in USA

If you need a NAFTA Certificate with your purchase to Canada
or Mexico request one at the time of purchase!

Affordable automatic label dispensers for either fan-folded or rolled labels. As the label is removed, the machine will automatically peel the next label and place it in the ready position for the operator to take.

Optional Counter:

Unit accepts up to a 9" diameter roll of labels and has a dispensing plate which can be adjusted for improved label control. For ultra thin stock labels of Vinyl, acetate, mylar, or foil, an optional "sharper edged dispensing plate" may be required. 

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