Electronic Stencil Express

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Marsh Stencil Express - Electronic Stencil Cutter

The Marsh Stencil Express is an electronic, computer driven stencil cutting system. Achieve varying stencil requirements with ease on your computer. The Windows-OS based software is designed to run directly from an existing PC, and does not require a stand alone dedicated system. Software is supported on these systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Have you ever cut a long stencil message, and on the 75th letter, punched the wrong letter? Then you have to start all over and try again. Not with the Stencil Express!!! Type in your messages on a computer, verify, then cut. Save stencils for future use. Use multiple letter sizes on the same stencil. Choose from over 35 fonts. The Stencil Express takes your stencils to the next level!

Comes complete with 24" cutter, stencil and decal software, manual, cables, and the 45 degree blade for cutting poly material. If you are cutting oilboard you will need to add the 60 degree blade.

We recommend the stand to accommodate the roll of material.

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