HP-200 Porous Indexing Hand Roller Coder

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HP200 Indexing Porous Hand Roller Coder

Printing the same information on your cartons but need an alternative solutions to the expensive ink jet systems?

The HP200 comes with a 2" by 9.1 inch circumference print wheel. Roll n Go! Most portable easy to use Hand Roller on the market today

Contact roller coders are available in a hand held device for printing on surfaces that are porous.  These coders are a perfect solution for applying date codes, lot numbers and other product information where you are looking for a low cost alternative to automatic coding via Ink Jet systems. Print drums accommodate Ribtype rubber printing letters, numbers, and logo dies. (Email for logo info).

The indexing model starts the print impression at the same place each time by indexing the wheel the start at the same point.

Standard printer comes with the HP-100RM Porous Microcell Ink Roller dry. If you want the XF Neoprene ink roller make sure to select it at the time of purchase. See our technical tab for inking instructions based on the roller you select.

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