Heavy Grade KRH450-3

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KRH450-3 - 10 Rolls, 450', 3 inches wide, 3-way fiberglass reinforcement.

Create a natural bond with cartons. The gummed adhesives absorbs dust, etc. and still bonds to the fibers. Gummed tape can also be used to cover old labels and markings to minimize confusing shipping companies. Water activated tape will flex with a carton during shipping and handling and is also the best method to seal a carton that is over stuffed or under packed.

When compared with plastic tapes, gummed tape only requires one strip on the top and bottom flaps. Standard plastic tape is only 2" wide and packers will generally use two or more strips on each the top and bottom flaps causing a doubling of the cost of labor, and an increase in overall tape expenditures.

Another advantage of gummed tape is the overall appearance of the carton when received by your customer. Cartons sealed with gummed tape look better after shipping. Plastic tape when overused gives the impression product may be damaged or missing. Visit your own receiving department and view the packages being received. Which packages look the best after shipping?

Key Benefits Gummed tape over Plastic:

  • Natural bond to cartons with a very long shelf life.
  • Weight of tape gun can cause wrist injuries.
  • Ability to code print on the tape as it is dispensed.
  • Single strip sealing top and bottom saving labor and material.


  • Stock item: 123C-KRH450-3
  • Grade: Standard packages up to 75 pounds.
  • Size: 3 in x 450 feet
  • Number of rolls: 10
  • Total Case Footage: 4,500
  • Color: Natural
  • Case Weight: 40.0 Pounds

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