Indexing 1 inch by 18 inch

Indexing 1 inch by 18 inch

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Part Number:108M-CLP-100-NP??
Non-Porous CLP Coders

Printing the same information on your cartons but need an alternative solutions to the expensive ink jet systems?

Universal Non-Porous Conveyor Line Printers provide the ultimate in low maintenance printing on all types of non-porous materials. Unmatched in quality and performance, these printers have completely eliminated the problems associated with the use of fast drying inks. The revolutionary design of their patented Non-Porous Inking System prevents solvent evaporation from the ink roll and enables the use of inks that dry as fast as 2 seconds at 75 degree F. ambient temperatures.

A patented disposable Reservoir Ink Cartridge is used to recharge the ink roll automatically on demand during the printing operation. These coders are compatible with a variety of alcohol base inks in both dye and pigmented formulations, including Mil Spec Stencil Inks. The Non-Porous Conveyor Line Printer has an 18

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