Marsh - Red Spray Stencil Ink (12pk)

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Marsh Red Spray Stencil Ink

  • Easy-Press, no-drip nozzle for even spraying with no patching or skipping
  • Bold, brilliant, lead-free, pigment colors for high contrast marking
  • May be used on any surface
  • For stenciling, color coding, identification marking, sign making
  • Steady, uniform spray with minimum mist and running
  • Permanent, quick drying, weatherproof, low odor level
  • Economical because of its minimum over spray
  • Meets Federal Ink Specs for water and weather resistance
  • Complies with A-A-2080 Performance Specs for black, white, and red
  • One can provides good coverage for 120 - 2 line stencils

Ink is better than paint - the quick drying formula results in little running and minimum misting. The flat finish provides an easy to read mark. Cost efficient; using less ink to make a permanent, weatherproof mark.

Sold by the case (of 12 cans) only.

Special note: Inks are subject to shipping restrictions by truck, airline, and/or ocean vessel depending upon level of service. Some require ORM-D or HazMat regulation and must ship from the factory with special shipping instructions. If you need to order by air or the shipment must go by air, extra hazardous charges apply.

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