NWD Stretch Wrap Dispenser

NWD Stretch Wrap Dispenser

Your Price: $159.99
Part Number:139M-NWD
Nelson Wrap Dispenser for applying stretch film to pallets and skids for shipping.

Bending over and walking backwards are two ways that encourage trouble for stretch wrap applications. Isn't it time to change to a better solution? Nelson offers the best dispenser for all the applications.

Key Features:
Accommodates Various Shaped Pallets
Tighter Wrap Reduces Freight Claims
Lightweight, Aluminum, Hand-Held Dispenser
Modular Design Allows For Quick Cylinder Exchange
Keeps the Laborer In a Natural Position to Reduce Back And Work Related Injuries
Brake System Ensures a Tighter Wrap and Less Film Wasted
Comfortable to Hold and Operate on Any Sized Load
Tension Control For Preferred Stretch
Self Oiling UHMPW Material Provides Smooth Consistent Action


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