Plasties 311 5-Spool Case of Twist Tie Material

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Part Number: 185C-311

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Plas-Ties Twist Tie Material provides maximum performance from your Tie-Matic HD Twist-Tying Machines. The durable, flexible, and reusable plastic material provides superior temporary fastening solutions for all your applications. The #311 spools are designed with a metal core encased in plastic to resist rust. The flexible core and plastic sheath wrap around an object to be bundled. From the Food Industry to the Industrial Marketplace, our spools provide the ideal closure for your products. Choose from a multitude of colors, including: Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Brown, Tan, Grey, Pink, Violet and Clear. The #311 Spool is ideal for usage on the Tie-Matic HD38, HD58 or HD78. Depending on the Tie-Matic Machine used, the 2000 foot spool length supplies 4,800-6,400 ties per spool.

This price is for five spools. We will tape two cases together to save on freight.

Standard colors are red, white, and black. We only sell 311 material by the case.

(Free Shipping not Included for Twist Tie Materials)

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