Plasties XL-2 - 2" Twist Tying Machine

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Plasties XL-2 - 2" Twist Tying Machine

The Plasties XL2 is manufactured in America with a durable, heavy duty, all-metal frame. This machine easily bundles bags, cords, cables, hoses and many other products at up to 40 ties per minute (depending upon diameter). Hand tying or using rubber bands can take up to five times longer. Bundle and hold items together fast and easy with minimal effort. Built to last, the XL-2 have high quality internal parts to give your machine the strength to endure harsh work environments and many years of trouble free operation.

Key Benefits:

  • Handles large bundles of product
  • Very reliable
  • Fast change out for different sizes up to 2" diameter
  • FDA approved

Tie length may be adjusted from 4" up to 9 ½" according to the size of the bundle. The standard model is a table-top horizontal version with 8" spool mounting bracket. If you need the throat vertical, or the larger 10" spool holder, make sure to select the correct options.

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