Potdevin - LH8 Label Paster

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Potdevin LH8 Manual Hand Driven Label Paster

Portable, and perfect for short runs and special jobs. Neat, speedy application of many types of adhesive.  Manual version of LM model

With some online businesses requesting suppliers have all products packaged to sell as single units, the challenge is creating packaging that only requires a label be attached to ship via common small package carrier. To save on the cost of printing boxes we suggest using a color laser printer to generate a descriptive label. To apply the label, use a label paster/gluer and apply to a plain carton. Paster comes standard with handle on the left hand side as the paper moves through the gluer away from you.

Key Benefits

  • 8" glue roller 
  • No need for electricity
  • Hand crank
  • Adjustable glue control

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