Tape Aerial for the BP555e Series Tape Dispensers

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Part Number: 123A-TA2000

Tape Aerial Model TA2000

The Tape Aerial creases the tape down the middle and "shoots" the tape over the carton for easy placement. Your operators will experience less fatigue, and perform their job faster. For use with the BP555e series tape dispensers.

Proper placement of your dispenser will greatly improve the efficiency of your packers. Most operators use a tape dispenser straight-on causing the packer to dispense the tape and then carry the tape to the box. By using the machine sideways, in-line with a tape aerial, the tape is dispensed over the carton allowing the packer to "drop" it on the box. Save 1-2 seconds per carton! Those seconds

For a Total Solution, use the Automatic Measuring Device with the BP555eSA or BP555eLA and the Hands Free Foot Treadle.  The Tape Aerial shoots the tape over the carton for easy placement and the CodeTaper will print for coding.

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