505R033 - HD series Tie-Matic Stand

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Part Number: 185A-505R033-TM

505R033-TM HD/600 Series Pedestal Stand

In real estate, it's all about the location. In manufacturing, it's all about position. If a machine is placed in the optimal position for the operator to use it, the product flow will increase. Which is faster? Taking the item to be twist tied to the machine and having to turn the product to be tied or have the machine positioned to accept the product?

Plasties offers an extra heavy duty stand for all of their twist tying machines. The HD38, HD58, and HD78 fit perfectly on the stand and offers a stable platform to work from.  The tie machines can work right-side up, sideways and upside-down depending upon what position you need the machine in.  For bag in the box applications machines are best used upside down!

Shipping weight is 140 pounds and is packed in two cartons.

If you are using the XL-2, order the 185A-505R033-XL. (An optional tall version is also available).

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