ND105BXK Motor Brush Kit (2 per set)

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Motor Brush Kit (set of 2)

When brushes are worn down the motor will begin to run slow or stop completely. This is evident when you turn your machine on, press a button, and only hear a click and faint buzz. 

Most motors are designed to only operate when both brushes are in contact with the motor. If the brushes are too worn down, or the springs are worn, you may have this issue. It is uncommon to completely wear down the motor brushes. Generally you still have a little bit of carbon left on the brushes when replacement is required. 

Fits all Better Packages gummed tape dispenser motors.

Note: When replacing motor brushes, make sure the curve of the brush matches the curve of the motor armature. When reinstalling the motor caps, use very little torque as the caps are plastic. If you torque the cap too much, you risk breaking the plastic threading off, and you will need to replace the entire motor.

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